Why I Can’t Wait For Summer:

Yes, this shoe is one of the reasons why I can’t wait for it to be summer. I have fallen in love with the Melissa Campagna Zig Zag last year and just stocked up on two new pairs. Most comfortable shoe *ever*.

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  1. You would be crazy in Melissa galley at São Paulo. It’s amazing

  2. Can you purchase these from the site?

  3. where can you buy them? can’t find anywhere to purchase on the site!!

  4. I found these shoes in Thailand 4 years ago. They come from there! And they cost around 2$ probably..

  5. Melissa shoes are excellent. I work with Rainmann – the English distributer of Ipanema Flip Flops and Melissa. We designed the website NONNON that distributes Melissa in the UK.

    @tinyriot – you can buy them from NONNON (http://www.nonnon.co.uk).

  6. I just love melissa! I’m addicted to it

  7. Good melissa shoes fits you so well, unhappily It´s not for me… I had the same model but It hurt my feet!

  8. Elena, actually Melissa is an original brand from Brazil, not Thailand!

    The shoes are really nice looking and comfy but damn they make your feet stink SO BADLY! It is actually one of their biggest complains and they’re always improving the insides to avoid the smelly feet situation…

  9. I fell in love with Melissa shoes in Sao Paulo, and you’re right her ballet flats are some of the most comfy ever!

  10. Thank you James Allen!!!

  11. Wait, are these like jellly shoes? Because I loved my jellies when I was a kid…

  12. I am simply in love with Melissa shoes! They are perfect for Summer and the flock ones are perfect for Winter.

    For those of you who were wondering where else you can buy them online, I know that you can buy them from the Australian Melissa site. They ship worldwide. Here’s the link: http://www.melissaaustralia.com.au/. I think Zappos sell them too.

  13. I have the old zig zag model from several years back. They don’t make my feet smell, but the shoes themselves stink like horrible plastic. To this day, I can still smell them when I open the closet door :(
    They’re really nice, though uncomfortable if worn for long stretches of time.

  14. * It’s Campana, not Campagna

  15. One of the cool things about Melissas is that they smell like bubble gum and the sweet smell stays forever! If yours smell strange, maybe it’s a similar shoe but from a different brand…

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