Concept Camera: The WVIL

The WVIL camera is a concept camera envisioned by Artefact’s award-winning design team. It answers the question: “what’s next for camera design?” The patent-pending WVIL system takes the connectivity and application platform capabilities of today’s smart phones and wirelessly connects them with interchangeable full SLR-quality optics. More information at:​wvil/​

(thank you jonhuck)

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  1. I would love to have this. Amazing.

  2. This is absolutely incredible. I really hope this gets produced.

  3. I guess what’s next for the camera design is copying existing products such as Sony NEX cameras and mixing them with ideas other companies also already realised to some degree (editing photos in the camera – Nikon, iPhone, etc) and then making a fancy animation with cheesy music and blurred backgrounds, so that you don’t see that probably no real user observation has been done here.

    I am amazed to see something like this on this blog. I have always had high opinion of the posts here and I think trendy presentations should never cloud the judgement of the important thing – the content.
    The reason we have so many shit products out there is because lots of people know how to make presentations and sell, but only a few actually know how to design.


  4. agree with Peter

  5. it’s not clear how this works. or how the interface really works. i wish it were more informative than cute.

    it looks like a wireless lens and sensor that you operate with a handheld device? pretty cool.