Flux Chair

I just gasped at the sight of this ‘foldable’ chair called Flux. I would love to keep two of these in my trunk and unfold whenever a lounging opportunity presents itself. They would also look great in our studio! Oh, the possibilities!

Check out Jaime’s thorough post over on Design Milk.

Flux Chair on Dwell.com from flux on Vimeo.

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  1. Oh man – $199? If they sold these at like $20 each – like through Target – they would make a MINT! These are so awesome.

  2. i agree with elizabeth. the beauty of the minimal design is the cheap manufacturing and easy storage (shipping would be a breeze) so why the huge, inaccessible pricetag?

  3. I saw an ad for it on one of the design sites I visit and had the same reaction, along with where did this come from and how do I not know about it?

    I like low prices too but I think the logic is that designy people won’t be shocked by the high price and might even be disinclined to buy it at $20. Not me but the other designy people.

  4. I tried those at an exhibition in Zurich a few months ago – they’re not only stunning but comfy as well. They’re not made of cheapo plastic – the material is sturdy. It made me think of those folding cutting boards they sell at the MoMa. Those are chairs made to last.

  5. They look comfortable and it’s interesting that on the flux website most of the pictures are of the chair being used in homes as regular use furniture that can also be easily transported, not the other way around. Which changes the price paradigm considerably. They really don’t have a bad angle. I want a pair of these to match with the Herman Miller Sayl. As soon as I can afford a Sayl.

  6. fantastic:-) the end of the video brings me back to one of my favorite music videos of all times: Corbijin’s “enjoy the silence” for depeche mode… How to be the queen/king of the world!