Waitrose Food Packaging

I would buy up an entire shelf of these cans just because of the marvelous packaging. It’s by a UK-based chain supermarket called Waitrose.

(via melissaeastondesign)

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  1. yep it’s the best! Amazing service too.

  2. Probably the best quality supermarket in the UK, and this packaging is fantastic.

  3. I loved Waitrose when I lived in England. My favorite grocery store.

  4. there is a supermarket chain in the Southeast US (Publix) that has great packaging for their store brands …


  5. It’s a really tasty mixed bean salad, too.

  6. design is by Turner Duckworth I believe.

  7. If you ask Maria (Brain Picker), she should still have a whole set of photos of Waitrose designs.

  8. I’m a Waitrose addict, all their packing is gorgeous. In fact I often take sneaky pictures when I’m there, even on my crappy camera phone it’s worth it:


  9. It is Turner Duckworth. They go great work. I am always envious of the work they do, check more here: http://www.turnerduckworth.com

  10. also very fair to it’s employees, which explains why they are so helpful and friendly – the more you spend the more they earn!

    “As part of the John Lewis Partnership, all of Waitrose’s employees are assigned the title of Partner, co-owners of the business. As such, they receive certain benefits, most notably the Partnership bonus, usually around 10–20% of a Partner’s yearly salary in a lump sum paid in March (the highest bonus percentage in recent years has been 22%).”

  11. You should differentiate between packaging, printing and marketing. In general the print does not define the package and it’s material.

    Considering Waitrose’s example product, they are a can. No special packaging effort has been put into it :) It opens like a can of tune or dog food.

    But still, they look very good.

  12. So funny to hear you talk about Waitrose like their a mythical, distant hero! Gotta love Waitrose though. Bit more expensive, but worth it.

  13. @ mitch, well compare waitrose to walmart…

  14. Is that a rhetorical statement? Coz I’ve never been to Walmart! But Walmart owns ASDA in the UK and that’s a mess – so…Waitrose is better?

  15. Ah, Turner Duckworth does it again! Those beautifully clean labels are a perfect example of the “kiss” approach

  16. All Waitrose packaging is amazing, check out their spices collection. A personal favourite of mine.

  17. *http://popsop.com/2742 sorry this is were to find the collection!

  18. Waitrose have some great packaging but I wouldn’t say this is some of their best by far. In general I believe their nicer stuff is also designed by Pearlfisher.

  19. This packaging is so awesome! Each one looks great!

  20. Proof that when the product is left to shine on it’s own — it most often results in a much greater appeal. Love the simplicity here.

  21. You got to love packaging which leaves the consumer in no doubt as to the contents! Classy yet simple…

  22. Every time I visit my friend in London, I make her take me to Waitrose, just so I can swoon over the packaging. Your photo doesn’t even begin to capture the aesthetic pleasure of seeing an entire shelf lined with their products!