Hacker Takes Over Times Square

This “Hacker Takes Over Times Square Using Homemade Transmitter And iP” video made me chuckle. I hope the guys of Improv Everywhere saw this. Just saying:

(via Ideas Are Awesome)

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  1. Sorry, It’s a well done fake.

    The concept applied to graffiti would be awesome.

  2. Sad to say but its a viral video for Limitless the movie. I wish it were real…

  3. And here’s the article: http://nyti.ms/eFVMvW
    Well done, nonetheless.

  4. Yup. Well done, indeed. (Bummer.)

  5. so cool – we’ve got a lot of screens 2 in switzerland – come’on over!

  6. Great viral marketing for ‘Limitless’!

  7. :( If they didn’t have the second video “NZT” the stunt would have performed better.