This photo by Roman Lysenko made me smile.

(via chris glass)

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  1. So funny …
    Check this one.. also really sweet .. sometime a bugslife is not so bad ;-)

    Greets from sunny switzerland…maria

  2. hehe. that’s cute.

  3. :-) cute! just bought a photo book about giraffes for my kids…

  4. That is really cool!

  5. we actually have a book about a giraffe living in an apartmant building in czech republic. it is from early thirties and was written by a famous comedian actor

    pučálkovic amina (surname of the family + name of the giraffe)


  6. i am completely in love with this photo. made my monday!!

  7. This is the cute stuff. I love it!

  8. This one is really cute. It just made me smile, and my family too. Thank you for sharing.