Method & Craft

Are you a designer? Are you familiar with Method & Craft? If not, I would suggest you check out their site.

Method & Craft is run by a crazy talented bunch of designers (one of them is my studiomate) and features Articles, Interviews, Videos, and Notes. The Method & Craft articles focus on process and workflow of designers. Their interviews let designers discuss their approach & perspective in their own words. And their videos show the designer at work, sharing application-specific techniques. Needless to say, those are my favorites!

I just thoroughly enjoyed this video covering Vintage Effects in Illustrator:

(kind of via chris glass)

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  1. This site is amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you for introducing this to me!

  2. Thank you. That’s exactly the tutorial I’ve been looking for.

  3. These guys love the hell out of textures—a good thing to love though.

    Thanks for the resource!

  4. This is what im looking for.. thanks for your the information