How Do You Feel (About Art)?

How Do You Feel (About Art)? from svanes on Vimeo.

Created by Ewan Admans and Christian Svanes Kolding on behalf of Longbow & Swan. What are your 3 words?

(via raul on stellar)

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  1. This is a perfect example of a bunch of “stylish” people who don’t know anything about art, and don’t realize that art has influenced the way they display themselves to the world through fashion.

    The girl with the large glasses is the perfect example of this. If art is a “waste of time” where did you get those ironic, vintage glasses from?

    My three words are Inspire, Enhance, Communicate.

  2. Eh, you can’t blame them for not having the best answers on the spot. And I that girl was pretty clearly having a little fun and being irreverent.

    What first popped into my head – Self expression, bitches!
    Second, better answer – Let’s masturbate together!

  3. What about Passion? That’s the O-N-E.

  4. hey amanda, thanks for your comment. i made this film with my friend, ewan adams.

    yeah, the woman who said “waste of time” was just having fun… she had no idea what we were going to ask her and she had just walked out of a pretty second-rates show at a nearby gallery.

    we interviewed a lot of people that day, all of it on the fly, and, of course, there were many people who never stopped to talk. it happened in the meatpacking district and chelsea during the many art shows about a month ago, so there were lots of people milling around from show to show.

    this film was actually just a test – but we were pleasantly surprised by the responses and therefore i posted the results.

    your three words are great – i wish you had been around when we were doing the shooting!

    @baconisgood4you – where were you when we needed you?

  5. and tina and raul, thanks so much for posting! i’m delighted that you discovered the film.

  6. expression of self

  7. breath of inspiration :)

    @paul – nice.

  8. also: imagination’s magic box :)

  9. er…imagination’s *opened* box :)

    wow, what a great exercise/question.


  10. Freedom, life, soul.

  11. love seeing these comments. if we shoot an updated or extended version of this, i’d love to have contributors to this page participate!

  12. Perhaps expressing how you feel (about art) is difficult to express verbally. It would be very interesting to see the responses if people could respond more visually, for example using LEM-emotions ( ).

    A little related, maybe also interesting to read:

  13. I say art is here, there and nowhere.