La Machine à Voyager (Travel Machine)

This. Makes. Me. Happy!

(thank you Lauren!)

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  1. JOY

  2. Gave me goose bumps!

  3. Hang it! I want too.

  4. This is seriously amazing, I watched it twice in a row.

  5. Qui aurait cru que la SNCF pouvait être derrière quelque chose de si chouette? Nous avons tous aimés, les enfants aussi!

  6. Absolutely amazing. Its a source of pleasure. But the concept is exceptional and creative. Design is also awesome. And the purpose is tremendous. In a word its the need which all want to get relief from monotony of their life.

  7. Everyday poetry – I am lovin’it!

  8. Awesome. I mean… Brilliant!

  9. I mentioned it before that it is really amazing. Very very interesting things of pleasure. Whenever I enter in here, I must check this post.

  10. Its a pleasure. The structure and design is fabulous. And the thing is its very interesting and attractive. My girl friend is now a fan of this creation. Thanks for the post. And ya I am trying to make one as like it for me. :)