Leather King

Interesting short about Mitch Alfus also known as the Leather King. What a character!

Directed by The Selby.

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  1. “If you’re selling 2 million a year, think how much more you could sell if you stopped talking so much!”

    What a guy, hilarious!

  2. Haha genius sentence…

  3. That is me in ten years! :)

  4. This is great, thanks for posting. I saw the photoshoot posted on The Selby’s site a while back…certainly an interesting guy.

  5. wow what a collection :/

    good article bro thanks for sharing

  6. nice blog

    never seen this many leather things in my life

  7. Thanks for the video, as always Swissmiss has the coolest stuff. Now I have something more on my NY shopping list, crazy leather.

  8. Great video. Thanks for sharing. Just had my daughter so the beginning struck a chord.

  9. its funny how he seems to have it together about everything he’s doing…except for the tiny moment when his little girl says “Daddy what about my dress?”…..The look of absolute confusion & helplessness on his face is hilariously priceless.

    It reminds me of when I was little and my Dad’s whole armor came down, when i would send him hunting thru the house in search of that specific Teddy Ruxpin Band-Aid.