Stunning Bookshelf (shot by Selby)

Karl Lagerfeld’s bookshelf system is crazy impressive (and big!) It’s an older shot by Selby, who just came out with Edible Selby.

(via Raul)

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  1. Tina, the library appears in the footage that made Karl for the Pirelli Calendar.

  2. Yeah, I had the impression of seeing it before, related with Karl L…
    Not very practical, but is a surprise breaking of the verticality of regular book stand.

  3. Books probably get less dusty because the “dust jackets” rather than the tops are exposed to the air.

  4. This looks unique!

  5. Looks great but if you’ve ever stored books like this you will know that the pages of glossy paged books will bond together due to the weight .

  6. I like the lived-in, cozy look this sort of off-kilter arrangement has. It’s a nice contrast to the rather cold metal and white of the room itself.

  7. Karl Lagerfeld talked about his bookshelf in a docu…searching a book without neck pain and swing the head left and right :) Like this idea!

  8. So stunning and very unique! Definitely shows a lot of personality… such a great look!

  9. Yes, but it does remind me of an episode of Hoarders!