Lhama Font

Avery Oldfield created Llamafont.com, a site that allows you to type a message in a font made of llamas and share it with your friends. Why? Because llamas make everything better. Totally absurd and made my day!

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  1. amazing to see this featured – Avery and I share a mutual friend who tipped me off to this a little over a week ago and it’s been amazing to see it’s internet growth! the internet loves llamas, I suppose!

  2. Cute! Llama’s are fun.

  3. Very cute! Too bad I didn’t know about this when I was working on the branding for Llamakas http://llamakas.com/ – a company that makes hand-knit kippot in Bolivia.

  4. Very cute & creative!

  5. i love it! it was put on the front page of http://leetllama.com w00t!