Rainbowparade & Holesale

Do you remember my studiomate Jessi’s Rainbowbirthday last year? Well, her birthday is just around the corner and she has another fabulous birthday plan: She is organizing a rainbow parade plus a birthday-good-cause-fleamarket in the beautiful Manhattan Bridge Arch (or Bridge Hole, as we call it) in DUMBO. Hence it’s called HOLESALE!

G, Tilo, I and our little rainbow princess Ella will all march proudly in the parade (which will be ordered chromaticly!) You’re into colors? Join us! Dress in one color and be to the DUMBO Bridge Hole by 4:30 on saturday april 16th. It would be great to come earlier so you can be photographed! The rainbow parade will kick off at 5:00.

Speaking of parade: Do you know of a marching band in NYC? Have them get in touch with Jessi! (Click here for her email) She is hoping to find a marching band that will lead the parade. (I will blog the video afterwards and will advertise the heck out of the band!)

Also, if you buy anything from the fleamarket the money will go to support Willie Mae’s Rock Camp.

Are you not sure if you should attend? Well, let this flowchart help your decision making:

See you at the Holesale/Rainbowparade on saturday april 16th! For more info, go to holesale.org.

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  1. I can’t wait to see Rainbow Princess Ella and the whole Rainbow Family together again!!!


    Thanks for being such a wonderful friend and awesome supporter, Tina!

  2. Not from NYC, but just start calling the local high schools. I’m sure you can find a willing director somewhere.