If you’ve traveled to Switzerland, you most likely know what the ubiquitous uppercase orange M stands for you see everywhere. It’s Migros, one of the biggest supermarket chains in Switzerland. (Well, at this point, it’s way more than a supermarket, they own banks, schools, amusement parks and so on.) Living abroad has amplified my fascination with products that remind me of my childhood. Whenever I go back, one of my first stops is indeed a trip to Migros. Knowing that, it’s clear that I get quite a kick out of Migros’ site on which they sell all kinds of apparel and accessories with their store branding or products. Pictured above are the classic Milk packaging water bottle, the classic Midor strawberry ice cream packaging translated into a shopping bag, the M logo big and bold on a t-shirt and an M jumper.

I guess you have to be a Migros-Nostalgic like me to really appreciate this:

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  1. I definitely was a Migros-child growing up. And even today I refuse to go shopping at Coop.

  2. It’s too bad they don’t ship their clothes to other countries. I live in Canada and my name starts with an ‘M’ so I would love to have a t-shirt. Oh well, now I’ll have bug one of my Swiss friends to ship it to me.

  3. It may sound odd, but I feel this way about Walmart.

    Since I live abroad and only get visit the US every few years.

    Sadly Walmart doesn’t have the same design aesthetic.

  4. Oh my, great post:) Me too a M-child growing up! This is my Migros in my town Istanbul for your information:
    I’m still Migros addicted even today:)

  5. When I was in Switzerland, I searched at all the Migros stores I went into for some of these items, but I had no luck. Is this an online only thing?

  6. Marc, I can ship it to you if you ship something from Canada to me. Deal?

  7. I have TOTAL Migros nostalgia. Thanks for bringing it back for me!!

  8. LOL…. I love it… When did Migros become so cool?

  9. It’s an online only feature

  10. Bought them when i was leaving i switzerland, i now proudly hang out with my migros budget all green sweater in Singapore :)

  11. I’ve had two almost identical dreams of discovering a clandestine Migros here in LA! It was tucked away in the back of a high rise in Century City. Both times I headed straight to the bread isle, to look for Nussgipfel and walnut bread – my favorite Migros treats. In my second dream I had to show my passport at the checkout, to prove that I had permission to shop there.

  12. I was an exchange student in Switzerland for one year and to deal with my frequent struggle with learning German in a Swiss-German culture, I’d hang out at Migros for hours, wander the aisles and read packaging. I adore that store… and the bedding I bought at the time. Can’t get anything in the US quite as awesome as the duvet and pillow covers at Migros. Darn it, that was 17 years ago… I’m long overdue for a visit! Or at least for now, a sweatshirt? Ha!