No Place Like Here: Marfa, Texas

I want to go to Marfa, Texas. Now.

(thank you Maria)

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  1. Looks like the heart of some amazing talent. If you go Tina, take the Daily Grommet team with you!

  2. If you go you HAVE to stay in the (relatively) nearby Gage Hotel:

    It’s absolutely beautiful. Also, I’m pretty sure the room we stayed in was haunted—a plus in my book. :)

  3. When you go, stay at the Paisano. My friends Lanna and Joe Duncan own it. Nice boom era hotel.

  4. Lots of cool art things to do in this tiny town. When you visit, be sure to check out the Dan Flavin installations and Prada Marfa. Also, there are some cool mysterious lights to see.

  5. haha ADAM!! go to foodshark

  6. you’ll never believe this – but i saw your tweet about marfa, texas and i thought… zürich chocolate !!

    do you know the fancy shmancy chocolate shop vollenweider from winterthur ? well,… apparently they sold/sell their chocolates in MARFA !!

    i just found this email below from 2009 when i contacted their pr about it, couldn’t believe it myself:

    “Vollenweider’s sister emigrated to US 30 years ago. She lives in a God-leave, but well-known village (Donald Judd – artist), called “Marfa”. She runs a small restaurant, where fresh food is served. From time to time she orders chocolate from his brother and sells it. See as well”

  7. It’s really the greatest place in the world. All of West Texas is just an alternate universe, but especially Marfa.

    Best of all is the view you get at night. You’d never guess there could be a place where you saw more stars than sky.

  8. Buck and Camp are there too – they are super-wonderful! :)

  9. If you have the inclination, you MUST go! Marfa was on my “list” for ages, then decided to spend a month there last fall.

    Check out my blog, chronicling a New York’s experience in the middle of nowhere:

  10. Marfa is awesome. It’s become our annual weekend vacation place. You can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and just enjoy all of the local art.

    We’ve stayed at El Cosmico ( which is a trip in itself, and at the Thunderbird Hotel, which is pretty fabulous.

    I have a dedicated flickr set that I add to each year. You can see a lot of the cool installation art and local restaurants:

  11. this is the 5th time this year Marfa has come up in my life. I think I may have to visit now. :)

  12. love love Marfa, and the rest of West Texas for that matter: Alpine, Marfa, Big Bend… totally a fun weekend, week, or month if you have the time (and once you get there, you’ll realize you have the time) to spend there.

  13. Marfa’s a fantastic place. If you go, eat dinner at Maiyas. It’s one of the best restaurants I’ve been to, including Brooklyn.

  14. Marfa has been on my radar for years because it was featured in one of my favorite coming-of-age-via-a-drunken-road-trip movies, “Fandango.” I believe it was also used in two other favorite movies of mine, “No Country for Old Men” and “There Will Be Blood.”

    “Give me three chili dogs and a malt.”

  15. They didn’t mention anything about Marfa lights!

  16. @Tori – the Daily Grommet would LOVE Livingston’s – an authentic ranch supply store. I was mezmerized – horseshoes, amazing galvanized buckets and tubs, more spur stars than I knew existed, bridle pieces … never got around to posting my pix on my blog

  17. Looks like an introverted paradise!