Ruler Height Chart

Love the simplicity of this Ruler Height Chart. Yes to minimal, not heavily decorated kids stuff.

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  1. I just bought one similar on etsy (see the link). It’s a digital reproduction of a vintage wooden ruler from England.
    They offer two different models.

  2. @Nancy, I just nearly fell off my chair. I ordered one of those charts you linked to. Took me a two seconds to decide on that. Thank you for the mention!

  3. This is such a great idea!

  4. Have you ever thought that the heavely decorated kids’ stuff might be because they see their world in a different way? That the colors and various shapes stimulate their brains to maximize synapse binding?

  5. This is so perfectly obvious! Should be the standard for growth charts for sure:)

  6. dang, as soon as it’s baby time I am sooooo getting this. i don’t like pretty much anything super-kidsy. so this rocks.

  7. There’s a similar DIY version of this which costs way less… a ruler decal I found in etsy shop “Abbie’s House” . The whole project cost me less than $30.