Another fantastic video by Everynone in collaboration with WNYC | Radiolab. The ending gave me chills.

(via jasonsantamaria)

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  1. Such fantastic cinematography. I love it. This guy is a really skillful editor.

  2. keep these coming, i love that your site is so dedicatedly human.

  3. I loved this! The ending gave me chills too. Wow.

  4. These videos are fantastic! Yes, the end was powerful…Thanks!

  5. A very interesting take on symmetry. I liek that it explores things that are the same aswell as things that are opposites. I had a feeling the end would be that one, but it still gets you!

  6. My first love is photography but with a video like this it’s hard to not want to get into film… BRAVO!

  7. I. LOVE. This video. So simple and so moving.