LEGO Walls

I spotted this LEGO Wall over on Unplggd. Way cool, right? The kid in me wants to start playing right away. Hmm… Which wall at Studiomates could we turn into a LEGO Wall?

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  1. If you could do it in red, that would really be something! :)

  2. this is a room in the Rethink ad agency Vancouver office

  3. This just might have to be my next project for the basement – awesome!

  4. This is every kid’s dream, especially architects who spent way too many hours with these things as kids. Wow, very clever interior design!

  5. Love it!! having a room like this it’s sooo tempting

  6. Awesome Idea! I know just the young boy who would love this idea!m I am giving this idea to his mother!

  7. love this one! This also gives me an idea for the room of my younger brother. I gotta tell mom about this room design. I’m sure she’ll love it.

  8. My name is Irene, I am 41 and I love Legos:)

  9. Now we’ll just wait for that LEGO block with a wall plug. :)

  10. Soooo where does one find this many large lego sheets for a somewhat reasonable price????