Red Leather Camera Strap

This Red Leather Camera Strap made me gasp! Yes, please!

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  1. nice! reminds me of the fine craftsmanship of my favorite bags by jas m.b.

  2. my wishlisted Luigi’s camera strap, and red is an option on some straps: also saw them on ebay. [the website design is awful, but the straps are awesome]

  3. I like a simple idea and unmarked. Original

  4. Camera user says: Nope, a constant wide width like that is not comfortable. Also, that attachment scheme is no good. Also, who would want a rough unfinished edge?

    This is a good idea, but not finished. The people interested in e leather strap for a camera will be using VERY expensive cameras. They want a finished look. Keep going and perfect the design. There is a big demand for a quality leather strap.

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