The Power Of The Sun

I am currently attending The 99 Percent Conference and we were just shown this visual exploration of the Power of the Sun by GE and Barbarian Group:

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  1. Hi!

    The video is very impresive and educative ! ! I really like it.


    I have just a nerd comment to make: This fire was built on earth so

    the fire wa burning oxigen. So what the Sun burns?

    I dont know, he!


  2. That’s really cool – impressive technique with the 24 cameras so they could pan around he object! This reminds me of a school project (engineering) where our grand finale was to have a hydrogen explosion with 4 balloons. It was pretty awesome (and we did it indoors, ha).

    @Gabriel: Good question… what little I know is that it’s more fueled by a nuclear reaction than typical chemical fire like what this is. Interesting…

  3. @Gabriel It’s a great video but the science is all wrong. In the video the hydrogen is being burned in oxygen to produce water and the helium isn’t being burned at all. In the sun the hydrogen is being made into helium and then helium into other elements and in the process lots of energy is being released, through nuclear fusion. It’s not really burning at all, not how we think of it on earth.

    The filming and camera stuff is fantastic though.

  4. Yes i wasnt sure of what was going on in the Sun, but now i know it ;)

    Thank you so much for the little lesson hehe.


  5. Incredible video, very well presented.

  6. Didn’t know much about the sun and what it’s made from but now I do, good video!