I fully agree with the copy-writer: This mammoth crochet-knit sculpture of a life-sized lion’s head is a witty, whimsical commentary on the sport of hunting and taxidermy’s trophy exhibitionism.

How fun would this be in a kid’s room? (Even though, it might cause nightmares)

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  1. hier etwas ähnliches:
    nashorn aus teppich von georg schweitzer (karlsruhe):

  2. Nice…it reminds me of an exhibition we saw recently in Zurich at the Museum Bellerive “A new hook. Rethinking Needlework” a really interesting look at knitwear and needle work in Art…

  3. It is whimsical. It is cute and clever. Why must it be social commentary? Sometimes an adorable craft is just an adorable craft.

  4. Any idea if it is for sale? it’s awesome!!!! but I can’t access the website you posted without a membership invitation.

  5. I too am on head and antler overload. The social commentary is not so much about this piece but that classic taxidermy has clearly run its course in decor. It is promoting something I find outdated. One day I did a quick check on Houzz and found a huge number of antlers. Enough. More examples and discussion here:

  6. Love this look! It’s awesome

  7. Hi V, this is Nathan, the artist. You can go to my website and leave a message:
    The Lion has sold, but I do take commissions.