Magazine House

MAGAZIN is a beauty of a magazine stand in shape of a house. Not finished with your reading? Just lay the open magazine on the roof of the house, and you can easily pick it up again to carry on reading, without loosing the page. Meanwhile your other favorite magazines can be stored ‘inside the house’.


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  1. Brilliant! This will be my move against the guilt-inducing pile of New Yorkers.

  2. Could totally picture this in my living room. Magazines everywhere, would be great to shelter them somewhere!

  3. And different colors (maybe different heights) would be spectacular next to each other!

  4. Inhouse magazine. Love it! Although these magazines wouldn’t be safe from my curious house rabbit. Just today I caught him nibbling a magazine I have left open on the couch. I laughed when I saw that the page he nibbled from was about a food movie. Yum.

  5. Finally – a home for all my magazines. Love it!

  6. Just curious as to who i can contact about this piece, its absolute genius. Such simplicity.