Red Pop

Now here’s another Kickstarter Project that made me look. Red Pop is a big red camera button that you add to your iPhone 4 – it turns your iPhone into a ‘proper’ camera and helps lessen the game of ‘find the fire button’ when you want to take pictures on your iPhone. Definitely a great idea! More info at

(While I like the product Idea, the video is quite tame compared to the Freaker I posted yesterday)

(thank you Kate)

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  1. just stupid. what’s the point to add an accessory when you can click with your thumb instead of index finger? just a layer of superficial uselessness. for christ sake devote your life to cure cancer or suport that, stop this crap.


  2. Killed today on WWDC 11? In iOS 5 the volume up button is the shutter in camera mode.

    And you don’t need anything else to carry on your pocket.