Freaker USA

This Kickstarter video made me laugh. And yes, I am totally backing Freaker!

(Via Sy)

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  1. The spirit of Dudeism exploded here. Have to back now. :)

  2. Totally awesome, Zach is a great guy with a great idea and passion plus … back back back!

  3. thanks for posting, I live in Wilmington and had no idea…just made my pledge!

  4. broke.. but backed with a buck. incredibly creative video. <3

  5. Have you seen my Kickstarter video? It’s not as intentionally (or successfully) funny as the video you posted, but it’s not often you see a human turn into a robot as soon as he looks at a camera.

  6. some may say he’s a freak but I loved this guy. absolutely genius!

  7. He’s a KNITTER! hah!

  8. I’m a Freaker too! Love his energy and the concept. Thanks SwissMiss for the posting.

  9. I thought he was incredibly douchey.

  10. donate to cancer foundations not this crap

  11. knitting is grassroots, and should stay that way. The message should learn to knit and make your own. Fuc* consumerism and all the fads it creates!