Animal Balloon Typography

Takashi Kawada created an iphone app called Animal Font which lets you write out a message in animal shaped balloon typography and send it to friends via email.

(via spoon-tamago)

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  1. Hi Tina,

    This is not really a comment but after more than two years now reading your blog, just thought I’d post a little message thanking for all the great posts you publish.

    I am not related to the design world neither personally or professionally but reading your blog opens my mind to beauty and imagination !

    Keep it up,

    Brussels, Belgium

  2. These are awesome! What a refreshing and unique way to send a message to friends

  3. These ARE awesome! BTW, I agree with Pierre. Kudos!

  4. Oh, I just love these.

    Thanks so much!

  5. Cool!

    Found this one too, one made something similar – but with those clip things found at IKEA (Bevara):

  6. There’s a book out now of 3-dimensional fonts. Metropolitan Mag reviewed it this month. The 3d Type Book by FL@33. May be worth a damn, but I can’t speak to its value personally.

  7. I’m falling madly in love with this font! I want to use it on a print piece!

  8. Just sent this to my friend who is the Art Director at Pioneer Balloon/Qualatex. She and all her Balloonheads should love it!

  9. @Nicthez LOL … don’t be jealous ;-)