Matchstick Bottles

Designed by Jen Pearson, the Reclaimed Apothecary Matchstick Bottles have been recycled and re-purposed as functional match “boxes”. Pearson etched the bottom of each jar to create a strike-able surface. Beautiful!

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  1. Like it! Like it! Like it!

  2. O that is just beyond cool. Unfortunately they don’t ship to Australia :-(

  3. I don’t really see how this constitutes a “designed” product. They filled a bottle with match sticks…and charged $20 for it. Oh wait…the tag looks pretty cool.

  4. i agree with A, just a dumb idea, and also, who really uses matches now days??

  5. B, I think ‘dumb’ is a little strong. I use matches. Daily. And I love this idea/packaging.

  6. i just love this designer! i have seen these at a local retailer in my neighborhood. you strike the matches on glass, which is so magical… nice find swissmiss.

  7. Bottom line for me: this is a beautiful object that will sit in someone’s home. It’s a simple solution for people who enjoy beauty in every-day objects, and don’t like ugly match boxes.

  8. gift idea :: this has christmas written all over it… !!!