The Hand.Written.Letter.Project

I agree with Craig Oldham in that there’s always something nice about receiving a letter.

The Hand.Written.Letter.Project extendeds an invitation to the world’s leading designers, design studios and creative thinkers alike to simply write and share their thoughts in handwritten form and on their own letterhead. The full collection now includes over 100 letters.

“The project offers much more than a voyeristic insight into the creative minds of those we revere, it represents a visual narrative on the cultural transition in which we find ourselves.”

Lovely idea.

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  1. It IS a lovely idea! I miss writing and getting letters.

  2. The handwriting of most designers betrays the design of their letterheads. Is nobody except a very few not drafting and writing with a pen anymore?

  3. I still enjoy sending postcards. I think I smell a “surprise someone with a handwritten letter/note/postcard week” facebook page…

  4. anyone else think phil carter from carter wong design was incredibly lame to not even handwrite anything??? throwing typefaces on a piece of paper should not have even been included in this project. i hope he spends more time reading his client briefs than he does a simple letter.

  5. This is a great project (same as Snail Mail My Email). I think as we move away from handwritten communication we’re beginning to appreciate its aesthetic and personal qualities. I love it when businesses and designers incorporate hand-written messages into a project: like shelf talkers in a bookstore, for example. Thanks for posting!

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  7. Few feelings beat the excitement of receiving a hand-written letter in the mail. In a time where we’re so used to the printed word, letters that have been written by hand show almost-forgotten thought and effort. They capture our interest and our imagination, and they make us feel special.

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