Yellow Things

What do you give someone that explicitly says she wants NO gifts for her birthday? Well, in the case of my studiomate Maria, force behind Brain Pickings, I set up a Tumblr blog called Yellow Things For Maria. Why? Well, Maria has quite an obsession with the color yellow, and I simply can not email her every time I see something that makes me think “Oh-Look-It’s-Yellow-I-Neeed-To-Send-This-To-Maria”. So, now I am secretly collecting yellow stuff. Quite fun, I must say.

(Let me know if you have any yellow things I should add, in a comment below.)

And, now all together: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIA!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Maria! I love Brain Pickings.
    As for yellow, how about a giant lemon?

  2. Happy birthday Maria!!!
    I invite you to visit my Etsy store where I have these yellow earrings: and
    You can also like this “modern yellow” treassury list I made:
    Hope you like it and have a nice day

  3. This will definitely brighten your day – Happy Birthday!

  4. They are sold out, but still worth a look:

  5. Fun way to find yellow.. stuff:

    <3 that site.

  6. Tina, you’re THE sweetest, thanks lady! I love this soooo much! xo

  7. that is so awesome :)

  8. I appreciate both of your blogs so much. You brighten up my Google Reader! 3 Pretty yellow things. (including a happy birthday cake for Maria) – Thanks, Debby


  9. yellow lovers unite!

    I created a pinterest board for my yellow things:

  10. happy birthday maria ! yellow architecture, interior design

  11. This is the sweetest thing! Happy birthday, Maria!

  12. This is so awesome! Happy birthday Maria! I will add: yellow nail polish :)

    Tangent: I collected actual yellow things for a project in art school (each of my 5 then-studiomates took a different color), at the end we made a ginormous installation that stank up the hallway. Just an idea…

  13. Happy Birthday Maria! Brain Pickings is the coolest!!

  14. What a lovely project! I’m a frequent reader of Brain Pickings too.
    Happy Birthday Maria, С Днем Рождения Мария!

  15. such a creative and thoughtful idea!

  16. Aren’t you the sweetest? By the way, happy birthday Maria! I really enjoy reading Brain Pickings!

  17. Prepare yourself.

  18. Dunno how to just make it the link, didn’t mean for it to be giant!

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIA! I absolutely am in love with both your blogs (BrainPickings + SwissMiss) and think this is such a cute idea!


  20. Oops. That bunny’s in Sweden. Erp.

  21. seriously? awesome? what? please…

  22. Happy Birthday :)
    Честит Рожден Ден и благодаря за прекрасния Brain Pickings :)

    Lately I designed a yellow tablecloth,napkins and towels for a Dutch brand called Wei-Design. it only needs a yellow cake on top of it!
    if you are interested, watch

  24. The Swedish classic backpack “Kånken”. Now upgraded with a laptop compartment. Color option below large image.

  25. i totally hear Maria on yellow! here’s something i stumbled upon just a couple of hours ago:

  26. AND

    the yellowest song, of course!

  27. I might not be the best fashion adviser, but this looks cute.. and yellow.

  28. The branding for Baltic Shop by Founded:
    And the ZIIRO Gravity and ZIIRO Orbit Banana watches:

    Happy Birthday Maria!

  29. What a brilliant idea!

    I adore Yellow, so I make yellow stuff for fun!

    Yellow Thread

    Day and Night

    Happy Birthday for Maria!

  30. What a wonderful idea! I have a friend who loves the color orange…

  31. I followed a link back on my stats to here, but it seems to have disappeared.

    I wasn’t sure about copyright of this image and so I wrote to the artist, Nathan Sawaya, to ask whether he was okay with images like this to appear on flickr, and he said it was fine as long as I wasn’t selling prints. (Guess it also advertises him, which is why he’s not worried.)

    Anyway, if you wanted to collect the image for Maria, that’s fine :)

  32. Yellow Superhero Wings for your shoes (i think you posted these a while back):

  33. This may be apt:

  34. a yellow submarine!!!!
    coldplay’s yellow cover!!!
    and a yellow gummy bear, of course!!!!

  35. Great! I’m big on yellow too!
    even bought my own