Desk-It is the analog version of my web-based To-Do App called TeuxDeux. I like it.

(via @tealtan)

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  1. this notebook is helpful, though little expensive, $10.

  2. Amazing! Ordered three!

  3. This is exactely what I need! I find myself being surrounded with post it notes on my desk. And all of them have dates of when the item should be done. The calendar version of Desk-it will definetely keep my desk organized

  4. gorgeous. i’m loving my thank you.

  5. i can see some korean letters. anyway it’s awesome!

  6. This is a perfect idea! Instead of 50 yellow post-its flying around they’re now all organized right where they should be…awesome

  7. Found TeuxDeux through this post and so far I LOVE it!

    Very nicely presented with solid UI / UX paradigm. Well done.

  8. Nice accompaniment to a desktop environment.