Mapnificent shows you the area you can reach with public transport from any point in a given time. It is available for major cities in the US and world wide. Hat tip to the Mapnificent creator StefanWehrmeyer.

(via Daniel Howells)

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  1. very cool! unfortunately putting it on google maps is actually very misleading for the SF example, because google maps doesn’t include golden gate transit or the emeryville shuttle, which are both public transit, so it looks like you can’t get to the north bay or emeryville. but you can!

  2. Hoi Tina,
    Habe ich grad bei Decor8 entdeckt und dachte mir, dass das genau dein Ding ist.

    Liebe Grüsse aus Zürich,

  3. Cool site!
    Would like to see it with Swiss cities as well!

  4. This sucks. It keeps crashing safari.

  5. I searched for Swiss cities at well but I guess it’s not really worth it: you can get pretty much everywhere and use – we’re very lucky with our public transportation services – the other functions of the tool are very interesting though.