Do Lectures

If there’s ONE conference I dream to attend one day, It’s The Do Lectures. Here’s a lovely 3minute trailer about what Do Lectures is all about:

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  1. Fantastically inspirational and refreshing. Wish every day could be a Do Lecture! Have you been, Swissmiss? What was your experience like?

  2. @Thinkso: As I said in my post, I hope to attend one day.

  3. Superb talks – slowly working my way through. Will definitely have to attend. Thanks for the find.

  4. Im going this year, will give you a full report!

  5. you should go! dolectures USA! year 2 happens this september…the 2011 beta year exceeded every expectation…

  6. It’s a buzz …and then some! You’ll have a great time. This September will be my third! Looking forward to meeting you,