Fauxgo (Fake Logo)

Fauxgo.com is a blog that archives fictional logos found in movies. Quite amusing!

(Thank you Tymn)

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  1. I like it!

    There’s quite a few more in the Pixar catalog – Pizza Planet, the shops and restaurants in Monsters Inc., etc.

  2. aw man, i have to share this…(and follow too since it’s a tumblr site)

  3. Nice, thanks for sharing this!

  4. The shop Last Exit To Nowhere does t-shirts in this same vein: fictional corporations from famous movies (including the one that explains The Usual Suspects)

  5. Haha, never heard about this site and it would really have helped me on the bar quiz a few weeks ago!

  6. Amazing that there’s enough of these fauxgos to maintain a blog!

  7. Love it! We posted this to our Twitter, too. Great minds.. ;)