Minimal Wallet

Noah Lambert makes beautifully minimal wallets. He creates each from a single piece of leather using only two seams, which makes them last a lifetime. Noah exclusively uses 5oz vegetable tanned bridle leather from Wickett & Craig of Pennsylvania, one of the nation’s oldest and most respected tanneries. Wallets are saddle stitched by hand using Barbour’s Red Hand 5 cord linen thread to create a seam twice as durable as the common lockstitch.

(thank you Steven)

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  1. bonjour ,et bienvenu a toute et a tous, bonne et agreable journée

  2. While the concept is sound, the wallet itself looks very “puffy” for lack of better word.

    I’ve been much more impressed with the work of Makr Carry Goods — you should check them out. I have their Horizon Three wallet and it’s darn slick.

  3. I have one of these wallets. They break in really nice and get even better with age. It will be the last wallet you buy.

  4. Great wallets. Great design.

  5. Love this wallet. Why do guys get to have all the fun?

  6. i think this is an example of design over function. they look good but, in real world use, i don’t want to have to take everything out of one of the sides in order to find the particular thing i’m looking for. nice try, though.

  7. Um, no. This is not minimal but lazy design. I’ll admit that it is cheap to make but all I see here a puffy wallet that is hard to use.

  8. Interesting design. Looks like it will break in nicely.

  9. I have this wallet. It’s puffy because it’s new. Does no one appreciate the point of owning and using something long enough for it to wear in? As far as “lazy design,” that’s a lazy critique. It’s also the most common critique for any work that is seen as minimal. As far as daily use, I need access to 3-4 things out of my wallet most frequently. I’d expect if you need access to more than that, you’re way too important to even be carrying your own wallet.