Mike Dempsey’s Design Business Tips

Mike Dempsey’s Design Business Tips.

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  1. Cheered me up no end – thanks

  2. Sometimes you don’t need to have a wide of explanations about it, but by just reading this, you will know what does it want to tell you about your business. As I read it there are things that I do not know before, but right now I will look forward to do it. Very nice tips.

  3. Thanks for the link, Miss!

  4. every line is perfect. Love it, so glad you posted that, thanks.

  5. twill print and hang asap

  6. love it. but what’s coalface?

  7. @owizard

    “Coal face: Originally used with reference to miners i.e those who remove coal from the ‘face’ of the mine, its now more commonly used to mean any work closest to the frontline ”

    — Urban Dictionary

  8. @francesca Apparently Mike is is contemplating turning these into a poster of his own. Drop him an email if interested – http://mikedempsey.typepad.com/

  9. You left out one of if not the biggest tip, listen for direction, listen for feedback, listen to gauge satisfaction and listen for the sake of morale

  10. Excellent, applies to so much more than design, was thinking about printing it out until I saw Mike may make in to a poster, good idea

  11. Love this. There’s a real sense of being joyful and thankful in these. Thanks for sharing.

  12. And keep one eye toward the horizon.

  13. Hello all – It is true I have turned these tips into a poster and even added one extra tip. To find out what it is and to know more about the poster
    vist my blog http://www.mikedempsey.typepad.com/

    Peace & Love
    Mike Dempsey