Typographic Tattly Tuesday

Typenerds that we are, we just launched four new type-driven Tattlys today: Make Change by Evan Huwa, Trouble Maker by Jim Datz, workisnotajob. by Catharina Bruns and the Deming letraset Tattly by studiomate Mike Fortress.

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  1. Those do not look like finished type projects, at all.

  2. @Erik, what’s wrong with them?

  3. I will keep campaigning until Airside’s love letters feature in Typographic Tattly Tuesday. Go on, check it out, i know you want to SwissMiss

  4. I didn’t say there was anything wrong with them. I’m sure people are buying them just because they’re different and cheap.

    “workisnotajob.” probably took all of 8 seconds to create and the letter spacing doesn’t help the message, hence it looks unfinished.

    As a typenerd myself, I would never wear one of these. Primarily because if I want to show the world how crazy I am about type, I’ll get a real tattoo of some gorgeous letter forms. Then I won’t have to explain to people how I really do like type, but I’m just not committed enough to show it for more than a day.

    Some of your other ones are much more clever (Tattone) and I think work at finding your audience. But are these for kids or for adults? I keep trying to figure that one out.