PDF Manuals for your Electronics

Did you ever try to download a user’s manual for an electronic product that you own but the manufacturer does no longer offer it on their site? There is hope: Try a search on Amazon.com. It hosts PDF manuals of thousands of electronic products including those of items that have either been discontinued or are no longer available for sale on Amazon.com.

Go to Google and type the following query. Replace the word PRODUCT with actual name of your product as in above screenshot.

PRODUCT filetype:pdf site:ssl-images-amazon.com OR site:images-amazon.com

Read the full post over on labnol.org: Find PDF Manuals for your Electronics using Amazon

(via labnol)

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  1. Whoa. This tip is huge for me.

    Seriously, I try to download a PDF manual for everything I buy so I can just throw out the paper version. Searching for them can be a real pain.

    Thanks Swiss Miss!

  2. Ooooooo. Nice.

  3. Ha, my husband codes PDF manuals for major companies!

  4. very good tip. i´ve search before a few months, but can´t find them. thanks!

  5. Isn’t a product that needs a manual doomed to fail?

  6. No Peter,

    When nothing else helps, turn to manual / user / admin guide. Failing that jump and scream…

    I have found manuals sometimes very useful, especially on the component level (hard drives and such).

  7. Awesome! Everything I desired summarised in a very short way.