Revolights are a set of thin profile LED rings that you can attach to your bicycle rim to simulate a flashing LED light display so people can see you better on the road when you’re out at night.

They are currently on Kickstarter trying to raise money to go into production. Definitely worth supporting, if you ask me.

revolights. join the revolution. from revolights on Vimeo.

(via doobybrain)

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  1. Or, if you don’t need the motion detection and want a similar effect with fancy patterns there’s always spokePOV (cheaper too!)

  2. These would look great at night…would love to see this bike in action!

  3. Looks really cool. But I’d probably crash staring at them.

  4. Not too keen on them not using front and rear lights in addition to these ones.

  5. Is it allowed in Switzerland?

  6. Bicycle + LED = Epic Tron.
    I Want.

  7. This is really cool!!!

    Much better than the small Knog…

    But can you buy them in Switzerland and is it allowed ?

  8. They have a great TRON light-cycle feel.