CreativeMornings Video: Chris Bangle

The speaker at the second CreativeMornings/London was Chris Bangle, formerly design director at BMW Group and now running Chris Bangle Associates. Talk about the London chapter starting off with a bang. Hat tip to the host, Drew Smith and his team!

The event was generously hosted by Buro Happold and Sense Worldwide. A big thank you to Nick Culley for filming and editing the talk.

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  1. They need a new cameraman. Half the time you can’t even see what he is presenting. Ugh.

  2. Hi Jason,

    Thanks for leaving a comment!

    With regards to the video, Chris had some pretty insane restrictions on the slides that he could show given that they contained a lot of archival material from his days at BMW.

    Thus it was really important for us not to include them and keep legal at bay.

    I promise the next talk will be a little more wide angle ;)



  3. It is very clear that Chris Bangle has been trapped inside an elite world for most of his career. He is now fighting to get out and see what the rest of the world is like and could be.

    I am eager to see his work with the Koreans. I hope he is able to see beyond the Yangban culture that will no doubt be paying the bills for his services while in Korea. What he is claiming to want in this presentation is to allow what is referred to in Korea as “Sangnom” class culture to be empowered.

    I wish him well in his journey…