Design at Scale

I recommend you watch the below video if you’re interested in the issue of scale in the world of design. Taped at a recent Smart Design Salon.

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  1. were there any black African Americans there?

  2. What is the conference actually about?
    “The complexity of design projects has got increasingly complex”.
    Is it about large scale manufacture? Design for cities? Ubicomp? I have no idea!

  3. were there any non- white or non-asians at this? it sounds interesting but like most things in the design world it is dominated by caucasians with little to no Black ( american or african ) people involved. What does a brotha gotta do.

  4. maybe some people doesn’t categorize humanity as white, asian or black anymore. I think they just show bunch of people working for the project and not specially trying to have a color scale at the same time.

  5. o what is design important and at the heart of our solutions are great designers. But are they willing to pay more for this talent???