Digital Time-Lapse Camera

I have always wanted to take time-lapse videos and always find a reason not to do it. No more excuses! Meet the Time-Lapse Camera: here to solve all of my time-controlling, video-making, weather-fearing troubles!

It’s designed to create time-lapse videos at the push of a button, doing all of the work for you. Say goodbye to intervalometers, settings menus and complicated gear setups.

Can you believe it’s weather resistant? Totally #wishlisted!

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  1. You can do i with your iphone and a glif too:

    Here is one I took of our gardeners:


  2. Time-lapses are brilliant. Lastly I have been shooting one in a “Hair Salon” in Bangkok – “Beautiful” said Stefan Sagmeister – where you really getting a sense of Miss purple flowers go-go-go day:

  3. You can also do it with your MacBook webcam using Gawker.

  4. Never taken a time-lapse video, but now I’m really tempted. Very nice.

  5. Nice camera and i like that “do not pull” button on the site!

  6. I wondered what was meant by “time lapse” – now I see! I’ve always wanted to do that too!

  7. We ordered one immediately! But when it came, we realized the OS requirements: Microsoft Windows 98/ XP/ Vista/ Win 7.

  8. @Liz: oh no!!!! Same here, I ordered one right away! :(

  9. Don’t fret guys! The camera is super Mac friendly – it’s just the software that is bundled with it that is PC only (and that just gives you a couple extra features that only need a one time set up – so if you’ve got a friend with a PC you can borrow their computer for 5 minutes and you’ll be good to go) Yay!
    (Jules from

  10. the iphone has several free time lapse apps- I have used a few and they work great.

  11. Does this run on four AAA or four AA batteries? Their website states AAA in one place and AA in two places. Thanks!

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