Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer

The Hermetus Bottle Opener is not your usual bottle opener. The resealing function is what sets this gadget apart.


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  1. Wow, I had one of those when I was a kid. Actually it might still be somewhere.

  2. i have one like this – it is about 30 years old :) and still in use.
    at the moment it is in the frigde on a bottle “Erdinger alkoholfrei” German weizenbeer

  3. There’s one on Rusty’s desk!

  4. Ah, yes, grew up with these. They sealed our glass ginger ale bottles.

  5. I’ll just leave this over here. :)
    Found it on reddit, hope you like it. (sorry for posting it on this article…)


  6. I never knew what the other function of that was! Excellent

  7. Actually … it IS a pretty usual bottle opener – and has been for decades.

    Next up: The tin opener. Amazing kitchen gadget that cuts through steel! #wishlisted

  8. 8 bucks, really? Maybe we could Exchange a bunch of these for something useful from the States like this http://ny-image2.etsy.com/il_fullxfull.156870426.jpg. You can get that.super opener you wishlisted at every supermarket Round here.

  9. Love the opener, but am not at all happy with the folks selling it. (Ordered it 9/16 — still haven’t gotten it AND I haven’t heard back from them). I realize you cannot possibly vouch for all the businesses you link to, but I just thought you should know. I hope you have better luck tracking one down than I am!

  10. like @Julian i have had one of these for 20+ yrs and still works faithfully – simple & handy <3
    (and "survived" some 15+ relocations ;)
    sry cannot remember where i got it in germany)

  11. no sweat…you can easily get it at Amazon.de
    There’s plenty…they sell around 4,5 $ plus shipping (which might make it unattractive for a single item, but hey, maybe someone wants to start a business here). In case someone is willing to exchange for some US stuff (see my post above)…be my guest.

  12. by the way, theres a third function (see the icons):
    1. it opens the usual no-twist-beercaps
    2. it reseals bottles
    3. it opens screw caps (in case they became stuck, for example those bar syrups you never use)