The Future of Education

Creating the Future of Education and Work wants to help educators foster creativity and conceptual thinking in schools. The founders, Rita J. King and Joshua Fouts, created as a resource for teachers and parents with ideas that help foster imagination and teach kids to collaborate while problem solving.

(via GOOD / @archiculture)

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  1. FanTAStic. As a middle school teacher in an innovative, 21st Century environment, I can see this as being very informative for my practice.

  2. Hello. I am looking for help in discovering the best avenue that my son should take to pursue an education in graphic design. He is about to graduate from high school. He has worked extensively on designing the school newspaper and yearbook for the past 3 years. He has won numerous national awards for theme and design at the high school level and has decided he wants to study graphic design. My question is should he find an art school program, should he go to a traditional 4 year university, should he attend a two year program or would it be more beneficial in the long run to get a bachelor’s degree? If you have any suggestions about where we can educate ourselves on the educational opportunities for graphic design, I would certainly appreciate it. Thank you!