Waving From Colorado

I am currently at a small Summit in Colorado, organized by Simon Sinek, force behind the Start With Why Movement. If you haven’t seen his TEDx talk, you should take a few minutes to do so:

I am sure some interesting blog posts will come out of these two days. The attendees are humbling to say the least. Just take Ping Fu for example, her story is the most inspiring I’ve ever heard. Inc Magazine called her entrepreneur of the year. Read the article here. More to come!

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  1. This guy’s WHY is very transparent: Money.

    He’s very salesy, showy and a shameless self-promoter trying to land as many speaking gigs as possible.

    Yet another bandwagon ‘visionary’ appears out of nowhere to tell us why Apple is successful but probably didn’t start using a Mac until a couple years ago.
    Where was he 10 years ago when Apple wasn’t considered successful?
    Back then, was he using Apple as an example? Was he telling all his listeners how awesome Apple is?

    SAYING you believe in something is easy. Consistently DOING what you believe AGAINST ALL ODDS is whole ‘nother story and what made Apple the biggest and arguably most successful company in recent history.

  2. I second that last paragraph! Even though I have not become an apple user yet, consistency and purserverance is what creates success!

  3. How do you know he’s trying to land as many speaking gigs as possible? Don’t say something unless you have concrete facts to prove it.
    Why would he talk about how awesome Apple is 10 years ago before it was successful, if it wasn’t successful? That would make a poor example.
    Your final paragraph does nothing but drive home the point of this talk–Apple acts on its beliefs everyday, that is the “why,” and that is why it’s successful. That’s what the speaker is trying to convey.
    Plus, I don’t think people get paid to do TED talks, and if they do, it’s a nominal fee.