Most amazing conference badge I have ever seen. Hat tip!

My studiomates Chris and Cameron organized a sequel to last year’s BrooklynBeta Conference. And it is happening N-O-W! It seems as everyone in my Twitter stream has come to Brooklyn and is currently 3 blocks away from my apartment. (check out the attendees here)

The notion of BrooklynBeta is dear to my heart: Chris and Cameron believe that the more people who work on their own ideas, the better place the Web and the world will be. So they built a conference where developers and designers can meet and then hopefully team up on new projects.

My studiomates Chris, Cameron and Team Jessi have been working *hard* over the past few weeks and I am thrilled to be attending today.

Ok then, off to BrooklynBeta!

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  1. Looks like a great conference! Wish I could go. Is that badge made of wood?!

  2. So blue I didn’t know about this sooner – and I second Colleen – IS that badge printed on wood?