“Expectations are just leftover praise. They are a blessing. If you didn’t have the capability to meet them, they wouldn’t exist.” — Chris Shiflett

(opening words by Chris Shiflett at the BrooklynBeta Conference)

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  1. that’s deep. I’ve got post that on my wall.

  2. A complete load of twaddle! Expectations of you by other people are often a form of emotional or moral blackmail. As for yours of yourself – “Expectations are predetermined disappointments”

  3. tuiuru, I think these are two sides of the same coin. I’ve always seen expectations to be somewhat of personal pressure, but seeing it as a challenge that you will stand up to, will make you a more reliable person, I believe greater things will lead to you because of it.

  4. Agreed, Hans. I think it’s both. Perhaps it should sound like this — though it is considerably less pithy — “Treat expectations as surplus praise, and you will be driven to succeed to the standards to which other people obviously believe you are capable.” Or something.