CreativeMornings Video: Sharon Ann Lee

Our CreativeMorning speaker at the September 2011 Los Angeles event was trend analyst/author Sharon Ann Lee.

One of her slides in her deck really made me think. On it she asks: What quadrant are you in on this work/happiness map?

Her talk is on the topic of the growing trend called (DYO) Design Your Own Success. She wonderfully explains how important it is to say no and to smartly allocate our time and energy.

Watch it here:

Many thanks to Chris Ganser for shooting and editing this video.

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  1. Probably one of my favorite talks so far — next to Jason Fried.

  2. I am bookmarking this video to watch it when I have more time, this is very promising… :-)

  3. Thank you Tina for the Creative Morning talks. Every one of them hits on something I can do to improve myself. This one was especially great.

  4. This is the best chart I have seen in awhile! Highly recommended for anyone assessing their work / career / job.

  5. I own my own relationship marketing business…it’s personal development with a product attached…and this was wonderful. It’s a lot of what I read and listed to, in down to earch, make me laugh terms! Thank you for sharing!

  6. exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks xx

  7. thanks! just started!!

  8. Sending this presentation to all my friends. At this age we struggle with devious hell and the climb towards upper quadrants. Real good kick in the pants to stop grinding and just be happy! Thanks Sharon!

  9. I loved you definition of “artist” being an artist myself. I also gained some great business insight and things to think about. Nice job, Sharon!

  10. Tina, thanks for posting this!

    Sharon, as a college student, this all felt highly pertinent. Your advice about burn rates (after your excellent poetic vision concept, of course) stuck with me most. It’s easy for me to overlook all the numbers as my parents and my school take care of so much. Acting like they don’t exist doesn’t help, though, and I’ll be applying your strategies as I prepare for entry into the big bad job market. Or for doing something on my own. Preferably the latter. Your words clearly not only resonate with the young, though: I sent your talk to my Dad, who’s considering a transition to another line of work (lawyer—>history teacher). He loved it, too. Thanks for inspiring us!

  11. Thank you all so much for the kind feedback. I so appreciate it. Thanks to Tina for the Creative Mornings series and her inspirational blog. Let’s all try to reach for quadrant 2! Best, Sharon

  12. Sharon,

    Seeing as how your email with this link sat in my inbox for about a month before I could spare 30 minutes away from my ridiculous amount of projects to watch is demonstrative of just how needed this was for me. Inspiring, interesting and well delivered. Even though I’m not Korean – living in Seoul makes me feel like I’ve got those same doctor expectations… A little eerie :)