Pantone Christmas

Not ready for christmas but I admit these Pantone Christmas ornaments made me chuckle.

(thank you JoanaKelly)

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  1. We are on the same brain waves. I tweeted about these lovely ornaments this am and then saw them on your page. Definitely made me smile!

  2. Just when you think there’s nothing left to Pantonify. How did no one come up with this earlier?? Excellent!


  4. Haha this is almost too geeky, but I like it!

  5. At first I thought these were fishing line bobbers…

  6. First thought when I saw these was Pokéballs…..

    not that I used to watch the cartoon or anything. :-P

  7. These are great! Reminds me ‘Christmas By Colour’ from Raw Design.

  8. Did you REALLY chuckle?

  9. Add it to the list….

  10. Where can you buy these online? Anybody know?

  11. ha ha, these are great! They should bring out metallic ones too!