Remote Control Spaceman

Sure, the world doesn’t need a Remote Control Spaceman but just think of the fun that can be had with this.

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  1. You shouldn’t need to defend the products you are sharing, who cares if the world doesn’t need it.

    We need to surrond ourselves with things that make us happy and if that is an awesome Christmas ornament or a remote control spaceman, so be it.

  2. We wanted you to know that we’ve included you in a highlight of our favorite blogs. Thanks for being so inspiring!

    D and M

  3. i second jeff. i detect a sense of apology with product posts these days. don’t listen to the nay-sayers. yes, we don’t want to be overly greedy consumers but it’s okay to have fun. the party poopers would have us play with dirt and rocks i guess.

  4. I totally agree – why does everything is supposed to be practical? This is art with the purpose no other than to entertain us! If we lived in a world without funny things, it would be really boring.

    By the way, you’re on my list of great blogs too :)

  5. Hoy can i show all the stuffs that u teach me to my friends in Facebook?
    Thanks, read u is a pleasure

  6. this is so a funny thing. hope i can buy this, when i visit next time amazon.

  7. Clever. And for extra funny – it’s great if you want to past a face picture on the front :)