Class Guidelines

This Class Guidelines at my daughter’s kindergarten class made me smile. It not only applies to 5 year olds. (And no, I don’t know what “Magic Six” is, will have to ask my daughter tonight)

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  1. How appropriate! The class number at the top of the list even looks like Kindergarten to Grade 124!

  2. Magic Six is probably what we used to call “Indian Style” with legs crossed. My kids’ school calls it “criss-cross-applesauce.”

  3. Kate – I thought the very same thing when I saw that. “It’s probably what they call ‘Indian Style’ now.”

    Good rules for everyone of every age.

  4. Good rules for everyone, yes!
    At what age do the kids in the US learn to read, I wonder?

  5. I think magic six is when all four legs of the chair and your two feet are on the ground. So that kids don’t lean back and fall over.

  6. Magic 6 might be a relative of magic E?

  7. Chris – that makes total sense!

  8. Probably on their “bottom” instead of kneeling down (so they whould sit still)?

    Let us know ;o)