satellight lamp from yi-cong lu on Vimeo.

Satellight is a fantastic lighting concept. A pendant lamp with an intricate hanging system that allows you to use it in different places of the room, hence a satellite traveling through your living space. Fascinating and playful idea. I like it. Hat tip to German based Yi Cong Lu.

(great find, Stilsucht)

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  1. I studied with Cong for a while in Eindhoven, cool to see this here!

  2. i think no.
    But my husband says “this is the dumbest thing I have seen today”! (he’s an engineer/designer). he puts it in the “Broken” category. (see Seth Godkin).

    sorry i haven’t got better news..

  3. This would work really well if one attached some stepper motors to it and a little computer, say an Arduino. Throw in a remote control, and voilà: magic!

    Imagine having preset buttons labelled ‘table’, ‘reading’, etc.

    I’d be the first one to buy!

  4. Amusing notion, poorly implemented, I’m with Joanna and Peter. It’s a high tech idea implemented with low tech. The idea of a light that can position itself anywhere in the room is an interesting idea. What it needs are, as suggested, a remote stepper motor system that can move it to desired locations and (my contributiion) a remote with position sensing so you can hold the remote somewhere in the room, click it, and the light moves so that the bulb is located where the remote was, including at least some vertical variances, too.

    THAT would be way cool.